aleah chapin

Artist Aleah Chapin tackles gender, aging and what it means to be in a body.
Probably against it, but I also find perfection in imperfection and its incredibly important to me to paint people how they
Polly Borland, Love Dolls 2, 2014, Pen on archival pigment print, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in, Edition 1 of 1 "Small is Beautiful" runs
Here, let me toot a horn suspiciously close to my own. I've been invited by the New York Academy of Art to moderate a public conversation of their graduating fellows on Tuesday.
While the paintings resist an antiquated tone, the imagery brings to mind an ancient earth-mother archetype, within whom authority and flesh are intrinsically bound.
Chapin's "Aunties Project" is showing at Flowers Gallery in New York until February 23. See a preview of the exhibition below
To sensibly discuss Aleah Chapin's new solo show at Flowers Gallery, we should start closer to the beginning of the story. So let's back up a bit.