Guns have been around for centuries, but no nation has embraced the firearm like the United States.
If Jesus came back tonight I wouldn't want Him to find me in a gun store; but with Trump as a legitimate candidate for president of the United States I am genuinely afraid for my safety and the safety of my family.
The AR-15 is the most talked about gun in America. But the AR-15's creator died before the weapon became a popular hit and
Even though more than 80 percent of Americans support this legislation, opponents have blocked these amendments. Their own plan on terror suspects and guns would have made it harder to stop the Orlando shooter.
So I would like to ask one thing of every single person that is heartbroken about what happened in Orlando -- take the :30 you spent sending prayers to those affected by yesterday's massacre and multiply it by 1,000 and spend that time actively campaigning to fix our broken system and elect leaders that will make the right decisions when the bullets are flying -- not just in the United States, but around the world.
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The department isn't the first to suffer embarrassment over a seemingly unsecured high-powered weapon: in 2011, a Seattle
When is a "combat rifle" for the U.S. civilian gun market too combat-y? When it fires like a full-auto machine gun. That's the problem Bushmaster now faces with its new Adaptive Combat Rifle
One of the greatest talents of the NRA and the gun industry has been their ability exploit high-profile events -- the Brady Bill; Y2K; the election Barack Obama -- to pump up gun sales.