art supplies

Here's why "many low-income community members don’t feel empowered to engage in the variety of arts and culture opportunities in NYC."
"One of the largest drug seizures in our country's history."
"My daughter is 14 and has not had any training but we think she has talent. What advice would you give for helping guide us to help her reach her potential in art?"
At just 19, Meg Bourne started a project to bring art to children's lives. After seeing the joy art brought to one boy's life, she decided to create "an organization dedicated to mobilizing creative healing and encouraging creative development in children."
I still get goose bumps going into art supply shops, not only because of the idea of making things, but the idea of how they can be made and how the materials spark design ideas.
Even though I haven't been a practicing artist for a long time, my pulse still quickens when I walk into an art supply store or get the Utrect catalog in the mail. Remember the excitement of getting that first box of 64 Crayola crayons?