benefit concert

The former U.S. Olympic sprinter was honored by Ava DuVernay at a benefit concert for criminal justice reform.
The Duke of Sussex broke out into song onstage after attending a benefit show for his charity in London’s West End.
Music brought our family together during extraordinarily difficult times. As music filled Micah's hospital room, the songs nurtured our relationships. We bonded over music because it gave us a shared experience - that wasn't about the next medical procedure.
Amir Bar-Lev and Charlie Lightening's new film, 12-12-12 would be worth seeing if only for the moment where James Dolan loses his temper because of a technical glitch.
“The problem with most benefit concerts is that they don’t scale well,” said Max Lugavere, a journalist and founder of the
Legendary entertainer Prince will be honored this March with a benefit concert for music education. The event will mark the
The band is also known to give 10 percent of its earnings to charity, according to Digital Journal. “Kids Company is a phenomenal
I just got back from Napa a few days ago where we held the first ever 15 Foundation "It's For The Kids Benefit Concert," and what a wonderful weekend. I met so many fantastic fans.
Girls around the world fascinate me endlessly. Although I'm 25, I'm able to develop a bond, and an awareness of their dreams, through social media.
It was just one year ago that New York-based charity Music Unites was founded by Michelle Edgar to support music education
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Kevin did do the Adam Carolla Show. Here's a quick YouTube excerpt from that. You can make a donation or get tickets to the
Not only is Irish musician Gavin Friday performing at Carnegie Hall on Sunday night, he's bringing a few friends. Like Bono. The Edge. Larry Mullen, Jr. And Adam Clayton.
This student-run nonprofit concert attracts about 2,000 attendees annually and is fast becoming a UCLA tradition.
The three day Sleepover will feature homemade organic foods with the proceeds being donated to Thurston County Gleaners Coalition.