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The former president was speaking on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton, at a campaign event.
When the two of them golfed together in September 2011, an effort aides hoped would bring them closer, they did not even
Barack Obama does not quite bestride the narrow world like a colossus these days. But he may realize the wisdom of keeping his friends close and his enemies even closer.
Selling that part of the deal to constituencies such as labor, the Congressional Black Caucus and teachers groups, to name
Rather, while stumping for his wife in 2008, Clinton expressed his frustration with what he viewed as the media giving Obama
Clinton's 48-minute national policy teach-in at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte endorsing President Obama's reelection may have been the greatest piece of political oratory of the 21st century so far.
Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have never been close. Some of their advisers concede that the two men don't really like each
"He took the harder, and the more honorable path. When I saw what had happened, I thought to myself, 'I hope that’s the call
About halfway through the discussion, Hart asked the participants for one-word assessments of various public figures. The
The GOP hatchet job on Obama has been so diabolically effective that Democrats have scattered to the hills in panic, despair, and disillusionment.
Bill Clinton -- who recently urged President Obama to show more optimism about the future -- hailed Obama for getting the
So the first and last episode of the Barack and Bill Show took place last night in Kissimmee, Florida, with some 35,000 regular
What is especially painful here is that SNL aired before MTP, but MTP was taped before SNL. In other words, Clinton couldn't
You're not fooling anyone, Bill, and it's not going unnoticed. We see your rage -- it's too huge to hide. We see that it pains you to even speak Obama's name.
Bill Clinton visited ABC's "The View" for the first time Monday. And he saved his most interesting observations for the end
Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton was riffing before an audience about his feelings on how a politician's ability to
Former president Bill Clinton has been trying to keep his political opinions in check in order to turn back to his international
THE streets were bright with promise on the sunny July day in 2001 when former President Bill Clinton arrived in Harlem, the
"Africa has always been a special place for me, full of hope and tremendous opportunity," he said in a statement to the Huffington