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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has surged ahead to become the latest front-runner in the campaign for the Iowa
As someone who has criticized Trump since before his inclusion in the first Republican debate, I crave analysis that keeps hope alive for the John Kasichs, Chris Christies and Marco Rubios of the world.
He'll come out of retirement to steer coverage of "one of the most chaotic, competitive and historic elections of the past decades."
Both Schenker and Tyrangiel have been traveling to the Washington bureau for meetings with staff. They were most recently
7. And it's all for the purpose of... what, exactly? Ending scrums? Improving scrums? Erecting a tertiary layer of funhouse
The day after Allen left, Bloomberg Politics named Kathy Kiely as Bloomberg Politics' Washington news director, a new position
She won't be elected because she is a woman; that is just an added benefit. She will be elected the 45th president of the United States of America because she is the most qualified person for the job.
Though the portal was slated to launch last fall, Bloomberg decided to flip the release date of Bloomberg Business with Bloomberg
When egged on to name "the consistently most delightful reporter in the White House Press Corps," Earnest replies, "I got
Welcome to the show, Bloomberg Politics. Welcome to the show. In this case, there's nothing unhappy about it: the error pages
CNN Digital managing editor Meredith Artley told HuffPost that the network is “trying to up its game in the political sphere
Prior to Slate, Weigel covered the conservative movement for The Washington Post. He resigned in 2010 amid controversy over