Britt Robertson

There are so many moral messages. The main one is "nothing is impossible and never stop questioning the world around you
Upon reflection, it turns out I've been looking forward to Tomorrowland more than I've been looking forward to any actual tomorrows. Which is ironic, because that is pretty much what this film -- directed by Brad Bird, who co-scripted with Damon Lindelof -- is about.
Other than with Sunset Boulevard, who needs flashbacks? Anyway, these ineptly constructed scenes were possibly added afterwards when it was realized test audiences had no idea what they were viewing.
2. The world of Tomorrowland is deeply imaginative. The moralizing themes of the titular tract -- and the convoluted way
Tomorrowland begins when Academy Award winner George Clooney enters the story perhaps twenty minutes in. Gorgeous George bursts on the screen and makes it all happen with his quirky, thoughtful, quizzical caring reactions.
Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride intertwines the love stories of two couples, decades apart, in this romantic drama.
Britt Robertson reveals how she reacts when interviewers pry Scott Eastwood about his father Clint.
Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood describe how they developed a chemistry together on set.
You wanted to see "Tomorrowland"? Here it comes: Disney released a new trailer for the secretive Brad Bird project (co-written
Allison Burnett is a rarity in Hollywood. He is not just a successful Hollywood screenwriter, a respected novelist, and a published critic and poet, but also a film director. His new film, Ask Me Anything, was released two weeks ago in selected theaters.
Alexander Koch In the book, Junior is obviously a very dark and twisted soul. Is he following a similar path on the show
King promises that "Under the Dome" will feature visuals that will make viewers' eyes "bug out of their heads," insisting
Stephen King, Mike Vogel, Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre preview CBS' "Under the Dome," premiering Monday, June 24.
"Smash" is bringing back Ellis. According to TVLine, Jaime Cepero will reprise his hated Season 1 role sometime during Season
The First Time is a polished gem of a teen romantic comedy, with a maturity and emotional intelligence not usually associated with the genre. Don't let it get lost among the louder, shinier releases of the movie weekend.
"Faye has a feeling that she could be the other Blackwell daughter, so in the back of her head she's thinking there’s a chance