business etiquette

Keep the occasion jolly by following these nine rules of office gift-giving etiquette. 1. If you give your boss a gift, make
Briefly, clearly, professionally Similar to people in Scandinavian cultures, Latvians are honest and straightforward and
Think back to that very first job you so desperately wanted to get in order to start your career. You most likely tapped into your network of friends and family to see if they had any connections. You certainly answered help wanted ads.
>Europe's second largest economy offers a number of opportunities. The key to a good relationship with French partners involves having a clear understanding of French culture and etiquette, which are distinctly different from those in the U.S.
As you read these words Ramadan (or Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan), the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is
Approach every day as the unique challenge that it is - a learning experience that many other students would love to have, but you got it instead. Mind your manners, start and finish strong, and you may just end up with a fantastic opportunity at the end. Good luck!
As I sat down to do my business I looked to the right out of habit and saw that there was a basic violation of bathroom etiquette: there were approximately one and a half squares of toilet paper clinging to a brown cardboard tube.
Gone are the days of the telephone call. In today's world, text and email are our main methods of communication which means, if we want to have an edge, we need to take its benefits and setbacks into consideration.
Professional attire matters because like it or not, the impression we make on others, whether new business prospects, clients, or those responsible for decisions about raises and promotions, is shaped by our appearance.
I think back to our business card exchanges, whether at meetings or at networking events. There seems to be a competition
You need to be fair in this process and respectful of the time of all parties involved. Mazzullo has found, "most firms are
That indelible first impression You will not get a chance to erase the first impression you make, especially with cautious
3. Accept that there is more than one way to complete a task. Some people don't delegate because they fear that others won't
The time and energy you put into strengthening company morale will prove to be a wise investment. The rewards are numerous and evident in happier employees who are excited to do their best.
Over a ten-year period, educator Richard St. John interviewed more than 500 successful professionals, from astronauts to entrepreneurs, physicists to CEOs, to identify what he called "success factors."
DON'T dance on the table: Some company events may have dancing, some may not. If dancing is a possibility, be aware of how
It is customary to introduce yourself first by giving your last name. If there is not a major generational difference among
No matter how impressive your words, or glowing your credentials, you could be sabotaging yourself unintentionally with negative body gestures. A big part of how we communicate with others is through body language.
4. Don't let them sap your energy. It's absolutely draining to overcome a negative environment; do what you can to contribute