By Hadassah Damien Hustling, freelancing, random day jobs … after I left home, I was on my own to make it work with my labor
Many of us in tech have been getting ‘women in the workplace’ right for decades.
What is change? Is it deviating away from something? Is it a chance to make things better, perhaps improve on a situation
In our daily lives, we step in and out of many different settings, each with its own worldview and system of knowledge. You
We recently celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday; not only commemorating MLK as a leader, but honoring and remembering
You can contribute to real change by acting and participating in myriad ways.
"Silence is a friend that never betrays." - Confucius Little by little I have slowed down my 'wings' and channeled my energy
I took two years off between high school and college to be a full-time musician, writing songs, and touring with my band
Alternately, I now work with teams that are presented with goals and are connected to the "why" story. We then move through
On a December morning after I dropped my 10-year-old son off at school, a Christmas song came on the radio, which triggered