chris hayes

It's the only way the country will be able to move forward from the president's "ceaseless, pounding" election lies, the MSNBC anchor said.
The news channel host said the president "is clearly a danger and threat to the republic" after Wednesday's pro-Trump assault on the Capitol.
The Fox News host faced fierce backlash on social media for saying people should react "nervously" to the "glitzy entrance" of the coronavirus vaccine.
CNN's Chris Cuomo, meanwhile, described the White House's pursuit of herd immunity amid the pandemic as "the stuff of a horror film."
“Just because the safety’s on now does not mean it will not fire the next time,” warned the MSNBC anchor.
"The problem is not going to go away when Trump does," warned the MSNBC anchor.
The comedian binged MSNBC and CNN while live-tweeting video commentary on the president, Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) ... and cable news guests’ home decor.
MSNBC's Chris Hayes called out the "complicit participants” of Donald Trump's “feeble attempt to subvert the election" with a montage of their old comments.
The MSNBC host explained how there is “no real master strategy" behind the president's post-election behavior.
The president's eldest son continued his tradition of being the master of the self-own.