chris hayes

The president confesses to giving himself bogus awards "all the time" in the 2011 video.
"There is essentially no distance in the basic thesis here," the MSNBC host said.
“Even if there were no blood, it would still be vile," the MSNBC host said in a scathing monologue.
The president sidesteps a reporter's question about the battle against Nazi occupiers.
The Democratic presidential candidate took aim at the former vice president's stance on the provision, which she argued unfairly targets low-income women.
“It’s a bloodbath ... all seemingly due to the five letters on the front of the building," Hayes quips.
"No other bank would lend him money. We want to understand that relationship," the congresswoman tells Chris Hayes.
MSNBC's Hayes trolled Fox News' Carlson on Instagram.
Ocasio-Cortez later hit back at the "vapid, personal insults" on Twitter.
The former Democratic nominee for governor has vowed to fight voter suppression in her state.
"All In" host Chris Hayes had some explaining to do.
Reporters on the tour were asked to smile at the kids because they "feel like animals locked up in cages being looked at," an employee said.
“I don’t know when Americans are going to tire of this lying man.”
A former foreign policy adviser says his name might be linked to George Papadopoulos' messages.
The New Jersey governor says Cruz exploited the 2013 relief bill for his own political gain.