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The nation’s top infectious diseases expert slammed Republican Sen. Roger Marshall’s "stunning" line of inquiry.
The California Democrat slammed Republicans for choosing "violence over voting."
Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy is "scared of their influence," said the MSNBC anchor of the extremists.
The MSNBC anchor spotted the superpower that "ostentatious jerk" Republicans are desperate to develop.
“There is no other option," Hayes mocked the Fox News personality. “I believe in you."
Chris Hayes’ damning montage shows why the Missouri Republican’s latest indignation is “frankly kind of astounding.”
The MSNBC host slammed Fox News and some of its top hosts for pumping out lies about COVID-19.
The MSNBC host noted that Fox News, which has a company vaccine policy, is selling "poison" about vaccine mandates because it's great for ratings.
Francis Collins also slapped down a “flimsy” excuse some people are giving for not getting immunized.
The MSNBC host spots how the network is quietly doing exactly what its hosts rail against.
"If they’re going to pick a deceptive narrative to go with, why not go with that one?" asked the MSNBC anchor.
“It’s in the same category as Hugo Chávez's ghost changing votes and Italians using magical satellites to get into voting machines," the MSNBC anchor said.
The MSNBC host said the American right has turned into a "nihilistic psychotic political movement."
The National Republican Congressional Committee's threatening note against unchecking a donation box was slammed as "downright totalitarian."
"We still have a ways to go," the nation's top infectious diseases expert told MSNBC's Chris Hayes.
The Fox News personality "is not stupid, he just thinks his audience is," said the MSNBC anchor.
The former president's latest fundraising arm has an awkward abbreviation.
MSNBC host dogs the Texas senator by comparing him to a meme from "I Think You Should Leave."
Hayes said that conservatives at the conference were concerned more about Hasbro's upcoming gender-neutral Potato Head doll instead of actual governing.