People in India, Haiti and elsewhere retold the Good Friday story this week — defying age-old stereotypes about what Jesus would have looked like.
And so we are back to my question: Does Christ love us in our sins? Mormons frequently talk about our need to do "as much
Leading up to the birth of Jesus, Israel had passed in and out of periods of self-rule by the Jewish community. At the time
We may all be surprised to discover unexpected similarities in those we thought were so different, and we may find that the boundaries are not as firm as we expected them to be.
This isn't a call for religious freedom. We already have that in the United States and have ever since the Constitution was ratified in 1788.
So, put your identity where this writer told what has happened to gay people in America. How does it feel? Fearful? The president
I see a lot of fear as we enter this new era. For all those activists and scholars, supporters and minorities, we must walk into this time with more awareness and attention to truth. We must wear this truth lovingly. Without this, we may win, but it will be temporary.
I don't like to change. I really don't. I don't like any kind of change. I don't even like vacations because they take me
I see Trump as a poison ivy outbreak on America, with God showing us Christians how quickly we crumble, complain, fear and