"All About Almodóvar" Retrospective at Cinefamily, January 6 - 22 Installation view of 3D recreation of Lichtenstein's Bedroom
"You don't have to conform. People are just making cool sh*t."
Albert and David Maysles are generally regarded as the fathers of the modern American documentary film. Beginning in the early 1960s, their pioneering work with contemporaries helped launch the 'Direct Cinema' movement.
In December at The Cinefamily Theater in Hollywood, a Downtown LA Hemp Apparel Brand and Art-Activist Collective, Recreator, hosted a free screening of the industrial hemp documentary Bringing It Home. They also had a special preview of their Kickstarter Campaign, which they just launched today.
That is the rallying cry behind the L.A based found footage collective, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE, a group that vows to take forgotten VHS tapes and blend them together in a way that will help you "discover the meaning of life."
Amongst other stars who are scheduled to make an appearance during the 24-hour event-- which starts at 1PM on Saturday-- include
Holy Motors is many things, but mostly it is a dream. Leos Carax's new film is a series of scenarios with Denis Lavant playing a different character every time he steps out of a limousine -- entering into varied fantasies
Both LA Basketball Teams Face Off Against Major Rivals What: At 12:30pm, Chris Paul and the Clippers take on Deron Williams
Milk Gallery Underground Los Angeles What: "Milk Gallery has teamed up with Kana Manglapus Projects to
"Desire Under the Elms" What: Young Eben Cabot's keen and greedy eye is on the farm. His father's voluptuous new bride Abbie