Circuit court

When we talk about the judicial system, the Supreme Court gets all of the attention. But the Trump administration has been quietly pushing through dozens of Circuit Court judges, many of whom are extremely conservative and some that have even been rated as “Unqualified” by the American Bar Association. So who are these judges and what’s so important about circuit courts?
In a 2-1 decision, the court said a U.S. District Judge improperly second-guessed whether the suspect intended to kill FBI Special Agent Kevin Coughlin.
Democrats asked Steven Menashi, a White House legal aide, what he knew about the president's potentially impeachable offenses. He didn't respond.
He has "dedicated the majority of his legal career to rolling back critical civil rights protections," the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund said.
"If he'll treat a United States senator the way he treated us, I wonder how he would treat the people," said Sen. John Kennedy.
Atheists, humanists and other nontheists can be barred from giving opening invocations before the Pennsylvania House, an appeals court has decided.
Like his administration, Trump's group of confirmed judicial nominees is severely lacking in diversity.
No serious expert thinks the case has merit, but now health care for 20 million people is on the line.
A Department of Justice attorney argued that migrant children staying in government facilities are not entitled to a bed or soap.
Advocates say the decision is devastating and puts parents and children in life-threatening danger