Women aren't the only ones who play an important role in planning — and prepping — for pregnancy.
The power imbalance – men hold the sperm and women need it – immediately creates the mechanisms for abusive patterns of behavior.
As my son was sharing his high school classmates' reactions to the announcement, he mentioned that upon hearing the news, a girl in his class started crying and exclaimed, "My parents made me to Prince!"
It's having your desires and dreams since a little girl put on hold. It's lots of tears. It's lots of pain. It's lots of heartache. This is infertility.
Perhaps folks had more time to think about such things back then. Fast forward to a more recent Mark Twain (1835-1910) quotation
Still, the findings are too preliminary to deter women trying to conceive with reproductive technology.
Also, no religion offers anything more miraculous than the ordinary methods of conception and childbirth. If I were from
The wish to establish a family is a primal desire; however for 10-15 percent of couples in the United States this may not be possible.
By the end of June, the U. S. Supreme Court will deliver its decisions regarding same-sex marriage and, as well, the healthcare law whose controversial provisions include some contraception and abortion coverage.