Nineteen canines with droopy tongues, bowed legs, perpetually confused looks and other strange attributes will learn who is the world's ugliest Friday night in Petaluma, California.
The 78-year-old host got sassy with a cheeky contestant over a Donald Trump-related clue.
A man was physically assaulted. On a f**king cooking show. Ten years later, Marcel Vigneron explains that drunken head-shaving incident.
"She doesn't care what anyone thinks," another contestant said.
The ruling could force Trump to submit to questioning by lawyers for a former "Apprentice" contestant accusing him of sexual harassment.
Cerulean has taken the internet by storm. No, not the color, the 11-year-old Jeopardy wiz kid.
Had she not been sent packing way too soon, American Idol contestant Pia Toscano said she's not sure she'd be enjoying the success she's currently having. Toscano just dropped her debut single "This Time."
There are times when you sort of need to fight for your artistry, but there's no better gig in the world.