Crime statistics

The president is running a fear-based campaign that tries to tap into Americans’ incorrect beliefs about crime.
Police and the president say anti-police protests are causing more crime. But it's bad policing that stops people from calling the cops.
Justice Department report shows that arrests of foreign nationals spiked in 2018 -- but 90% of those arrests were related to immigration, not drugs or violent crime.
Beto O'Rourke at the time called Trump's attack "racist" and intended to "incite fear and paranoia."
People "need to look at FBI stats and reality," and the "fallacy" about border crime needs to end, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said.
There's still a big political divide on perceptions about the level of crime.
The falling crime rate has led some defenders of the controversial policy to admit they were wrong.
Krasner's primary victory is part of a trend embracing reform-minded district attorneys.
FBI Director, James B. Comey has a theory that is correct, but only in part because his clarity is obscured by his self-serving perspective.