department of health and human services

By telling civil servants they need to move, the Trump administration can coerce them into quitting.
Thousands more children were separated from their families than originally reported.
Only one of the five officials testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee was able to answer a question from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) about the family separation crisis at the border: what went wrong?
Ximena Barreto has been placed on leave as the agency examines her shocking posts that also targeted Hillary Clinton.
More details emerged about the health secretary's costly trips one day after the White House distanced itself from the controversy.
ABC says the Treasury secretary took one flight from New York to D.C. that cost taxpayers $25,000. And he's not the only high-flyer in the Cabinet.
Huckabee and his wife Janet personally have given more than $61,050 to a number of candidates over the years, including $2,700
The work of the AAPI Task Force has shed light on the important need to address bullying in the AAPI community and strategies
Chances are the general public, journalists or others who need to speak to the principals, whether elected or appointed, will not get a look in because of the gatekeepers: those busybodies who take it upon themselves to affect things by blocking messages or meetings.
In an important show of bipartisanship, Congress is on the cusp of an historic step to help many of the most vulnerable children in our nation who are abused and neglected and at risk of entering foster care and lingering in group care.
The medical industry's uptake of complementary and integrative health and medicine is wildly uneven. This is true even in pain treatment, an area that drew most people to integrative practices and practitioners.
Why are we wasting time apportioning blame before the problem is fixed and the poor children and families of Flint have fresh, clean water to drink and cook with and bathe in?
Tests began in the last week in December, and 26 sites out of about 4,000 showed the higher levels.
When, in April 2009, President Obama told the National Academy of Sciences "we are restoring science to its rightful place," and "the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over," the scientists in the audience, including me, gave him a standing ovation.
Our efforts to improve, and similar efforts in other communities, would be more likely to succeed with policy changes to facilitate multiple government supported health services operating on one electronic record system.
Federal law requires state Medicaid programs to cover family-planning services and supplies for anyone of child-bearing age.
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