department of health and human services

The proposed rule would update and clarify nondiscriminatory obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 50 years after it was signed into law.
The National Institutes of Health is starting clinical trials studying lingering forms of COVID as overall coronavirus cases rise again.
A proposed Department of Health and Human Services rule could hinder GOP efforts to restrict out-of-state abortion travel.
A Health and Human Services official said it would "set a dangerous precedent for the Administration to disregard a binding decision."
Since the fall of Roe, some pharmacies have refused to fill certain prescriptions that are the same as or similar to the drugs used in medication abortion.
The Department of Health and Human Services affirmed that federal laws forbidding sex discrimination in health care also protect gay and transgender people.
Extra doses have already been distributed just as the pool of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine is burgeoning.
Michael Caputo is taking a leave of absence from his post as assistant secretary for public affairs in the federal health department after spewing conspiracy theories about COVID-19 in a Facebook live video.
The 2019 simulation exposed underfunding, muddled leadership and equipment shortages that have plagued the U.S. coronavirus response.
By telling civil servants they need to move, the Trump administration can coerce them into quitting.