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I can't control everything. My ex and I will parent differently. I need to let stuff go as most of the times, it's not worth the trouble and even if it is worth the trouble, nothing good is accomplished. It's not worth it.
Divorce is tough for anyone and though friends and family can be a wonderful support system during these times, their advice might not always be in your best interest. Become familiar with the three most common tips divorcees receive that cause more harm than good:.
There is nothing more empowering than knowledge. Remember that, and take the time to thoroughly understand what the pen in your hand is about to help you sign.
Typical scenario: You know you're having problems with your spouse. There's lots of arguing, the person seems like a stranger, and everyone's walking on eggshells.
Here are five reasons why it may be better to hire a lawyer instead of trying to handle it yourself online.
The bill, originally filed in early 2013, was sponsored by State Sen. Richard Ross (R) on behalf his constituent Wrentham
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Anyone who has ever been through the divorce process can tell you all about divorce judges, the people who are making life decisions for you if you are in litigation.
How do you live your life during a divorce? Here are seven ways to help you divorce your divorce and enjoy summer.
Though many couples are opting for collaborative divorce and mediation today, there are times when traditional litigation
Divorce doesn't need any extra punishment. Many men and women going through it already feel like failures without the help of any legal entities. There's got to be a way to prevent the pain. And, of course, not make some divorces last longer than the marriages themselves.
If there's ever a time when a little escapism is in order, it's in the middle of divorce. From shuffling through lawyers
Divorce is fraught with stress and emotional uncertainty, so it's little surprise that many feel the need to gain as much
"Divorce couldn’t get much easier. America’s no-fault divorce laws allow spouses to unilaterally walk out on their families
You've hemmed and hawed. Maybe you've been in counseling for months; maybe you've just been quietly observing -- unable to believe it -- as your marriage disintegrated into ignored conversations and diverging lives.