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At least 84 people were killed after a truck crashed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.
As the outlet reported, Harrison's own daughter, Tracey Mellowship, had been one of the approximate 17 percent of women who
At the start of every New Year, many make resolutions and most having every intention of keeping them. However, as the days and weeks pass they often are forgotten or set aside, replaced with the activities of everyday life!
Blood donations transcend gender, political affiliation, celebrity, status, and religion. It's interesting. People may be giving or receiving blood from those they might not even want to shake hands with. And my renewed appreciation is sending me to the nearest blood donation center.
The Red Cross typically collects upward of 17,000 pints of blood each day, the organization reported. Each pint is usually
SLIDESHOW: Getting stuck with an IV may not seem appealing when you're already braving dropping temperatures and winter's
A heterosexual person who has sex with an HIV-positive partner is eligible to donate blood after only 12 months. Yet all gay and bisexual men, even those who are HIV-negative, practice safe sex, or in monogamous relationships, are permanently banned.
"For every unit of blood that she gives, she will help at least two other dogs," Sparkle's owner, Mary Beth Bartel, told
What if you could save three lives in the next hour? On this World Blood Donor Day, we're all reminded that we can indeed
The American Red Cross reported last week that national supplies have hit a 10-year low, with more than 23,000 donations