dont say gay

"This exceeded expectations," Briggs said after his win, according to the Associated Press. "We thought we were in a good
Whether violence against gay people is an unintended consequence of Putin's law (I think not) or part of his own Machiavellian political gamesmanship (probably), events in his country illustrate the danger of attempting to promote a Christian moral vision through direct legislation.
On Wednesday, after months of pressure from LGBT activists, it was Marcel’s petition, accompanied by a video and
Ever since Barack Obama rose to the presidency only a few years after leaving the Illinois state senate, Stephen Colbert
Word is going to be bandied about quite often throughout day by all sorts of people, no matter how hard I may try to get people to remove it from their vocabulary. Word is still present. Word still exists. Word does not disappear just because I choose not to use word in this essay.
Campfield's latest version of the bill would require teachers or school administrators to out suspected gay youth to their parents. I suspect that Campfield misunderstands how kids, even young kids, figure out who they are -- and how important it is not to interfere with that process.
At 9:17 a.m., Campfield appeared to respond: As of 3:00 p.m., the debate was still going. Why are you intent on publicly
Takei says coming out, particularly for a public figure and an actor, is a “long, long process,” and that he’d been somewhat
A controversial Tennessee bill that would stop teachers from discussing sexuality with their students has been resurrected in the state legislature, and the 2013 version includes a troubling new provision.
The proposed legislation, officially titled the "Classroom Protection Act," was not put to a final vote at the end of last