dont say gay

Zander Moricz, 18, quipped about his curly hair after he says school officials pledged to shut off his microphone if he referenced his LGBTQ advocacy work.
"The Daily Show" correspondent scorched conservatives at the Free Expression Awards.
The legislature will require public school counselors, nurses and others to tell parents if a child discloses they believe they are transgender.
In her response to Peter Doocy, she called the law a “reflection of politicians in Florida propagating misinformed, hateful policies."
The National Women's Soccer League team made a silent, one-word statement after a similar protest by fans.
Florida Republicans passed the controvsial “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is expected to sign into law.
Whether violence against gay people is an unintended consequence of Putin's law (I think not) or part of his own Machiavellian political gamesmanship (probably), events in his country illustrate the danger of attempting to promote a Christian moral vision through direct legislation.