Dr. Frank Lipman

Kick off your shoes and walk on grass, earth, or sand whenever you have the chance. Not only will this boost your immune
The view of antibiotics as a panacea for every illness is replaced with the awareness of the vital importance of the bacterial flora of the body in health. The downside of antibiotic use is revealed, and doctors discover that antibiotics can play a role in creating disease in the body, as well as preventing it.
"You have to realize that the tarmac of your life is getting shorter, and in that moment you start to think 'How do I crystalize
Recently, I went to the "What Is Working: Health" panel discussion hosted by The Huffington Post. The discussion ranged from the impact of nanotechnology and epigenetics to the mind-body connection.
But Dr. Ostad warns that you must limit sun exposure to certain times of the day. "The most dangerous hours to be in the
This 21-day free challenge will guide you through the process of eliminating toxic food and drink from your diet. Have you
Throughout their talk the two spoke about the value of sleep (yes, the AOL HuffPost Media Group's office does have two nap
With insomnia as with any chronic problem, one must look for the underlying imbalances and root causes and address them. Here are the common sleep "mistakes" I see in my practice and their solutions.
It's looking very much like we're facing an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency, with potential grave consequences.