egg industry

The next decade will witness the greatest advancements in farm animal welfare in modern American history.
"She was egg bound," says Ellie Laks, the founder of a California animal sanctuary called The Gentle Barn, "not able to push
Here's what I have to say to egg-producers who want to keep battery cages in use -- get over it. Stop blocking what the public wants. Cage-free compliance is not only the right thing to do, but it's good for business, too. I know this firsthand.
The goal of the Humane Society is not endless campaigning or conflict with political adversaries, but to forge solutions that produce tangible and meaningful outcomes for animals and show a new way forward in society.
The HSUS uncovered apparent violations of antitrust laws by the egg industry's primary trade association.
There is big news concerning an ongoing class action lawsuit accusing the nation's major battery cage egg producers of conspiring to use questionable animal welfare standards.
Julie Buckner, Californians for Safe Food spokesperson, dissed the Humane Society, who's sponsoring Proposition 2, for being funded, apparently, by diamond-encrusted dog-loving dilettantes.