eu-u.s. trade deal

The environmental activist group said the TTIP negotiation docs showed a loosening of food safety and environmental standards.
Here we should indeed look to NATO, but not as model for how to try and change the world, but to take heed of the many problems it has faced in encouraging unity, better spending, investment, modernization and cooperation.
For successive British governments a deal opening up further the transatlantic marketplace has proved an elusive one. With the U.S.A. and Europe as Britain's main economic partners, even a small deal could produce significant gains for Britain's economy.
BERLIN, July 1 (Reuters) - Germany said on Monday if media reports of large-scale U.S. spying on the European Union were
Momentous changes sometimes come by inconspicuous names. The TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, might just fall into that category