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On Wednesday, Instagram announced a huge leap in users. Three hundred million people now log in each month to thumb through
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc already knows who your friends are and the kind of things that grab your attention
Facebook's Slingshot is the second attempt by the company to get into the messaging game. The company's first attempt, "Poke
We've thought of Facebook's growing ecosystem of services as revolving around and expanding the core Facebook experience. We're thinking too small. Zuckerberg is dreaming of an even larger universe of services that aren't tied to Facebooking, but communicating -- full stop.
Without the app, you can still choose who sees your status updates by choosing a group like "friends" or "family." FamilyMatters
Modern day "App Stores" have existed for roughly 5 years. In that time, two operating systems have emerged as the runaway victors: iOS and Android. iOS, Apple's brainchild, and Android, Google's platform, each possess a little over 800,000 apps within their app store.
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"We've already registered a new app, and we're currently in the process of bringing the site into compliance with the Facebook
In the 1990s, the Windows operating system rose to dominate personal computing, but its maker Microsoft Corp was accused
But KillSwitch is hardly the first app to make breakups a little less complicated. For those contemplating a split, the recently
I was inspired to look for a potluck organizing app because I'm going to what has turned into a potluck tonight and can't seem to get a straight answer from anybody about what to bring. Nothing was just right.
Facebook's Social Jobs App finally launched last month. With so many tools for job seekers, will adding another one to the bunch make the process easier, or simply cause more noise in the space?
And... Zeebly launched in August 2012, creating a patent pending system that sifts through copious amounts of Facebook data
Brands that have proven most successful at engaging fans over a sustained period of time do so by sharing content, interacting through comments on their Timeline, publishing fun polls and quizzes, and mixing in a healthy dose of engagement oriented applications such as contests.
The app has kicked up a controversy with its debut. The Huffington Post on Monday received a statement from Charles Sankowich
The app store contest is both a marathon and a sprint. Today's race is just the latest lap around the "software store" track. My advice to the digital consumer is to play the field, don't bet on a single runner, enjoy the spectacle and always download wisely.
In honor of Facebook's IPO, we take you back through the years with some of the most hated Facebook features. Check out the