federal judges

Democratic judicial nominees should be progressive on economic rights as well as civil liberties, argues Demand Justice.
Susan Collins was the only Republican who voted against making Matthew Kacsmaryk a lifetime federal judge.
Matthew Kacsmaryk has also ripped Roe v. Wade and dismissed abortion rights supporters as "sexual revolutionaries."
All but one Republican voted to make Wendy Vitter a lifetime federal judge.
For the third time in history, the Senate advanced a judicial nominee over the objections of both home-state senators.
As a former federal circuit judge, Maryanne Trump Barry can receive a salary of more than $180,000 in retirement.
Maybe the picture of Trump's second Supreme Court nominee is just a coincidence.
A Trump-nominated judge now holds one out every seven seats on the circuit courts.
He's nominated 87 people to be lifetime federal judges. They're about as diverse as a casting call for “Mad Men.”
A medically invasive procedure illegally restricts women's rights, a federal judge ruled.
Republican senators are damaging an entire branch of government, and hiding behind a bogus statistic.
Abid Qureshi would fill a seat on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
A court said they are without authority to wipe out "valid" convictions.