Federal lands

A Center for American Progress review shows nearly 30 million acres of federal land in the state are at risk of being developed or transferred.
The new acting director of the Bureau of Land Management appears to be another "fox guarding the henhouse" appointment in the Trump administration.
David Bernhardt oversees some 500 million acres of federal land -- one-fifth of the United States.
The proposal includes a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters.
One speaker in the 2017 tape boasts of a petroleum group's links to David Bernhardt, who is now the acting Interior chief.
Critics saw the announcement as an attempt to greenwash his anti-conservation record.
The PACT Act would close legal loopholes in animal cruelty laws that involve the most extreme abuses on federal land and in interstate commerce.
The Bureau of Land Management is looking to sell 70 acres of conservation land to a limestone mining company that unlawfully discarded waste materials on it.
Ellis Ivory, a retired Utah homebuilder, once donated $6,000 to Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory's pro-land-transfer nonprofit.
As his agency looks to unload 200 acres in Utah, the interior secretary played host to land-transfer advocates.
The Department of Interior is quietly preparing to offer hundreds of thousands of acres of public land for leasing to energy companies.
An Interior Department official claims Secretary Ryan Zinke "did not see the proposal before it went out and was not happy about it."
This time the fight's over a new state law that limits the sale of federal lands.
Bullying between public servants and private citizens on federal lands is not a one-way street. But you would never know that listening to House Republicans' congressional hearings.
On behalf of his clients or his business partners, [Thomas Chapman] talks up plans to develop the parcels: a subdivision