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The Fire Department is asking New Yorkers only to "call during an emergency" during the coronavirus pandemic.
Los Alamos County Fire Department in New Mexico recommends that the pup should perhaps enroll in a youth firesetting intervention program.
Investigators are treating the blaze as an accident.
Firefighters in South Bend, Indiana, became heroes by setting up ladders to help two raccoons escape from a burning building.
The Anaheim Fire Department's post evoked a firestorm of responses.
The president bragged about his crowd size and claimed he got special permission to let 10,000 people inside the venue for his rally in El Paso on Monday.
When a malnourished, crying baby came into the hospital where Officer Celeste Ayala was on guard duty, she offered a helping hand.
Vehicles were sent plunging nearly 150 feet into a heap of rubble below.
"This place is going to burn," Forrest Clark allegedly texted a volunteer fire chief two weeks before the fire.
The videotaped performances to songs like Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" and Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" have grabbed millions of Facebook and YouTube hits.
Six firefighters sustained injuries that were not life-threatening in the four-alarm fire, the FDNY said.
At least 12 people have been killed after a fire swept through an apartment in the Bronx, making it the deadliest blaze in New York in more than 25 years.
By Jerry Zezima I discovered this recently when Chloe stayed overnight with me and my wife, Sue, who's pretty hot in the
Friendship is beautiful; but a friendship that is born from a heroic rescue is downright heartwarming. We are in love with this story about Jake, a Pit bull mix, and Bill Lindler.
I am extremely proud to be a member of my fire department. The work challenges me physically, emotionally and cognitively. It is deeply satisfying. Shouldn't a career like this be open to any man or woman who wants to pursue it?
Illinois faces a major pension-funding problem. The state's Supreme Court is set to hear a case over whether or not a proposed reform, Senate Bill 1, is constitutional. Here are three things you should remember when thinking about the state's pension crisis.
Linda Park of Waterboro, Maine took her dog, Dakota, on a walk Wednesday morning when she let him run free, WMTW reported
The van had stalled after driving into a low spot on the street, according to the Associated Press. Parts of Arizona experienced
In this time of existential uncertainty, it's often difficult to trust that the Divine has placed us exactly where we are
Detroit is so broke that firefighters get emergency alerts through pop cans, coins, door hinges, pipes and doorbells. Read