Fire prevention

Controlled burning makes the land more resilient to wildfire and brings neighbors in this California community together.
About 60,000 people in Northern California have been without power since Sunday night.
The measure is intended to curb the use of funds originally designated for reforestation and fire prevention programs.
Avoid wearing loose and hanging clothing when cooking in the kitchen. A sweater, cardigan or shirt sleeve can easily dip onto a burner and start a fire. Also, remember never to move a burning pot as this could escalate an emergency.
Fire safety is one of the most important things to know this season.
Kaiser said 2014 was likely to end up the most costly and destructive wildfire season on record. Washington has already spent
Robert Lefevre joins HuffPost Live to discuss how he lost his home due to a fire caused by an extremely dry Christmas tree.
Figuring out your holiday gifts? Little things can make a big difference for older relatives and friends who are trying to stay safe and independent.
Our mission this week is to spread the word about how dangerous kitchen fires can be -- and provide safety tips that can prevent them. Did you know that ...
There were bodies everywhere. I'd never seen anything like it before -- especially on a dog-walk...
Fire can spread rapidly through a home, leaving a family as little as two minutes to escape safely once the alarm sounds. Don't rely on luck to make sure your family is safe.