A San Diego TV station accessed leaked documents, revealing the operation.
"'Deciding to freelance' is a strange way of saying 'being forced into job insecurity,'" one person tweeted in response to the Fast Company piece.
When you call Starbucks "the office," you better be mindful of these things.
Freelancing, or at least moving to a freelance economy has provided us not with answers for the work-force that has bound
You can be the brightest professional in your field, but recognize that successful freelancing requires you to be an excellent
Being a freelancer and working from home can be great. You can wear whatever you want and not have to worry about having
Second, there is a usual scrambling for few jobs by hundreds of people, narrowing down one's opportunities of getting consistent
This helps distribute economic activity outside of the biggest cities and can spur growth in economies in metropolitan areas
Why? Because what are you going to do if your side project doesn't pan out as a full-time gig? You don't want to have any
When you're just getting a business started, it can be tempting to over-rely on your personal network for business leads
If you are a freelancer or small business person overwhelmed with how to scale your business to accommodate  a growing number of clients, it can be hard to know what to do. Just know that it's a good problem to have especially if they are your ideal client. If you're struggling with finding the time to do it all, here are some tips to figure out the best way to hire help.
As a freelance photographer and fishing guide, I do business online and in person. There aren't any tools I can use to take client photos for me or show a group where the biggest bass are hiding that day (yet), but there are several I can use to run the other side of my business - what I like to call the nitty gritty.
Sending emails, getting free publicity on your own and appearing on podcasts can all be a great ways to attract leads to your business. If used effectively, these methods can possibly land you more clients down the road. Here are some tips to that without having to travel far away.
Sometimes we miss out on money making opportunities simply because we don't follow up. Maybe you meet someone at a professional
It's our own unique stories that make worrying about competition virtually irrelevant. So if you find yourself concerned
92. Direct Salesperson Depending on the specific jobs, and your expertise, building a website from the ground-up could haul
Now a few words of advice when you reach out initially Don't say "Can I pick your brain, sir? This is seriously outdated
Whether you're working from home or going to another location like your favorite coffee shop, you're bound to run into a number of distractions. When you get distracted, that interrupts your workflow and makes it more challenging to complete a project.
Nearly 54 million men and women are now part of America's independent workforce -- working variously as accountants, computer programmers, translators, designers, health care providers, and more.