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There's just something beautiful about the joy that a mother and her baby can share with each other in perfect moments like this.
Is probably what this baby is babbling on the phone. Don't bother him with your trifles, he's got some serious stuff to attend
These moves demonstrate a lot of creativity and skill, but the trouble is in reality, floorboards always creak, most of us
In this giggle-worthy video, a baby and cat are completely mesmerized watching a Rube Goldberg machine on TV. As the complicated
When kids grow bored of the same old toys and games, sometimes parents have to get creative. Joe Cadayona showed some serious
Despite all the hubbub surrounding "Frozen" -- and the multiple covers by children thereafter -- there's one baby who wants
Babies get excited about everything -- from food to new toys -- but nothing is more exciting (or adorable) than getting to
This baby has swung her way right into our hearts. Via CutiesNFuzzies
Try as she might, this little girl is having the hardest time blowing out that candle. She isn't the first to lose this adorable
Reason No. 513 why you don't need to buy expensive toys: The Trash Can. (Earlier: Rubber Bands.) Because that is some serious
This time, all it took was a dad showing off his cooking skills. In the YouTube video from "Toddletale," a baby watches his
Litte Caleb didn't know quite what he was in for on April 1 this year. Luckily, baby's first April Fools Day joke was caught
Remember when people used to say that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's? They were wrong, but still, they said it, which
He's actually a very articulate, sassy little guy. And to celebrate his one-hundredth YouTube video, his dad sat him down
Anyway, in our society you can never start healthy eating habits too early, so when the parents of this adorable tot introduced