gay bears

"I’m at the point in my life where this is who I am and I’m very comfortable with that."
Now Kenny Brain (Big Brother: Canada), Waxie Moon and Baby Bear are here to introduce the trailer for the upcoming Season 2 of the series, inspired by 70's TV shows, telenovelas and anime.
Dad Bods aren't a new trend, at least not with the always-ahead-of-the-curve Gays. Gay men have been celebrating their stout brethren for decades, declaring definitively that Fat + Hairy ≠ Undateable. They're called Bears, and I want to officially welcome you to the party!
Bears from Celluloid Simple on Vimeo. Who doesn't love a good nature documentary? These guys are doing all the things you
Friends and family became concerned as I was slowly wasting away, but the attention I received from my man and the boys in the bars more than made up for their worries and validated the importance of being skinny.
Though queer people are gaining more and more visibility in mainstream media and society, that doesn't mean that the images
It's a classic gay love story: two men in a heteronormative masculine world find love and comfort in each other -- but one
Following the release of his new video, Goss will embark on a national tour that will finish up in late Fall. For more information
There is still so much emphasis on what a "real" man is supposed to be or act like. I thought this would be a great opportunity to play with others' perceptions of me as being "hunky" or "masculine." What would they think of me in thigh-high stiletto boots and a wig?
Bear contests, like their components in the queer Imperial Court and leather scenes, often are held as fundraisers for the local bearclub and charities, creating essentially male beauty pageants performed by and for gay, bi, and queer men in the bear community.