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The council wanted to pay tribute to the outgoing Secretary-General's work with LGBTQ communities.
Joe Decker of San Jose proposed the legislation against shellfish, writing: "Shellfish are a monstrous evil that Almighty
Watch Feurestein's full video below: Neither Haller nor Feurestein immediately responded to a request for comment. Days after
UPDATE: March 16 -- In a statement, the designers said their views are just "traditional," not judgmental. "We talked about
The ushering in of "Ex-Gay Pride Month" will not be happening at the end of the month. Founders cite "harassment" and "security
Others think there is a good chance Pennsylvania will rise to equal rights sooner rather than later. “I think it’s going
He continued: Watch the full speech above and for continuing coverage of all the biggest moments from President Obama's second
Legalizing gay marriage would grant rights to a group of people heretofore denied equal treatment in the eyes of the law. And those equal rights for everyone are true to the spirit in which this country was founded.
Lawmakers and gay-rights activists predicted Wednesday that both the Senate and House will have enough votes to repeal the
I am in total agreement with those who want gay marriage to be legal -- they are right. But being right isn't enough.