Eric Trump, seemingly forgetting his father’s frequent golf vacations, got mad at President Joe Biden’s Delaware getaways.
Some workers have been quarantined.
"It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the TV," the golf great said as he recovered from a devastating SUV crash.
The crash caused “significant” injuries all down his right leg.
Golf legend Tiger Woods is undergoing emergency surgery after a major single-car crash in Los Angeles.
The golfing legend was the only person in the vehicle, the Los Angeles County sheriff said.
“My putting stance was designed to improve my stats, NOT an invitation to look up my skirt!” Wie tweeted after Giuliani's appalling "joke."
Eleven snowshoe-clad volunteers stamped a series of complex geometric patterns on a golf course to make a huge snowflake.
The PGA Tour golfer's language is "entirely inconsistent with our values," the company said in a statement.
"I made a terrible, terrible judgment call," the former No. 1 said of his comment, which the PGA Tour called "unacceptable."