The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host thinks the president has a little bit too much time on his hands.
“I’m not gonna have time to go play golf,” Trump says in the mocking supercut of his past comments.
Mayor Sadiq Khan quipped that the U.S. president was "clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course."
Mayor Sadiq Khan criticized the president for visiting his golf course in Virginia as the Category 4 storm approached.
Trump took a helicopter Saturday from the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland to his property in Virginia.
President Donald Trump claims he won’t make “any money” if the next G-7 summit is held at his own golf resort, but he’s no stranger to turning a buck from government business.
The lightning struck the top of a tree and shattered the bark from all the way to the bottom.
In a Monday press conference, Curry credited a former Howard student for urging him to revitalize the long-shuttered program.
President Donald Trump is using goats to get a tax break at his Bedminster golf course.
Trump owns eight goats and farms 113 acres of hay at his New Jersey golf resort, slashing his property tax bill by some $88,000 a year.
Conservative group Judicial Watch criticized Obama for spending $106 million for travel over his two full terms. Trump's golf tab surpassed that in just 30 months.
Turning Point USA, the nation's largest college Republican group, apparently projected the image at its summit by mistake.
An RNC fundraiser could put hundreds of thousands of dollars into his own business, while the getaway will bring his taxpayer-paid golf tab to $109.2 million.
The candidate who used to hammer Barack Obama for golfing too much is on track to play two and a half times as much as his predecessor and at three times the cost to taxpayers.
The overnight trip to Trump National Doral brings the total cost to taxpayers to just under $107 million.
President Trump’s visit to his Miami resort will also let him play more golf, with taxpayers picking up most of the tab.
His for-profit golf course there posted promotional videos of him teeing off and his helicopter's arrival — but deleted them after HuffPost began making inquiries.
The president refused to visit the capital, Dublin, and instead insisted that the prime minister meet him at or near his Doonbeg golf course on the Atlantic Coast.
A HuffPost investigation has revealed that President Donald Trump’s love of the links is costing taxpayers a lot of green.