Islam in the United States

The series planned for a Michigan Baptist church by Donald McKay promoted conspiracy theories about Muslims.
Prior to the 2020 election, presidential candidates rarely — if ever — visited a mosque on the campaign trail. But that's changing.
Anglin was also ordered to pay more than $4 million to a Muslim-American radio host last month after his website falsely accused the man of terrorism.
Designating the Brotherhood a terror group would weaken American alliances, boost violent extremists and endanger Muslim organizations in the U.S.
Nearly 600 Muslims prayed inside New York's Central Synagogue last Friday, after being displaced from their own worship space.
Within days of the attack, Jacinda Ardern has visited mosques, promised to reform gun laws and pledged solidarity.
Khan said "the same hate" that sparked the New Zealand shooting also prompted the Charleston and Pittsburgh shootings.
Interfaith allies are pledging to stand with Muslims in words and actions after the Christchurch massacre.
Cubs fans feel betrayed after leaked emails show billionaire Joe Ricketts knocked Islam as "a thing of evil" and Muslims as "my (our) enemy."
“It’s not even about my platforms. It’s literally just about who I am,” said Georgia candidate Aisha Yaqoob.
American schoolchildren are learning half-truths and hatred from sources that masquerade as neutral and objective.
"To see my part being played, it makes you feel like you’re not crazy."
Muslims are among the country's most racially varied religious groups, so their holidays are too.
Don't help whitewash this administration's hatred toward Muslims.
A new report documents the degree to which Muslims are internalizing unfavorable stereotypes about their community.
Agencies including Customs and Border Patrol instigated 35 percent of anti-Muslim incidents recorded in 2017.
“Muslim women don’t often get a platform to tell our stories or share the silly -- sometimes stressful -- idiosyncrasies of our day-to-day lives,” Huda Fahmy said.
And a backlash is brewing. “There must be no room for hate at Hyatt hotels."