Jelly Belly

Can these new CBD-infused jelly beans get you high?
Jelly beans have sugar, but the woman claims the company was wrong to label it as "evaporated cane juice."
Yes, the Draft Beer beans do actually taste like beer, but we're a bit befuddled about our excitement level.
For as long as I can recall, my guilty pleasure was Jelly Bellies, a mouthwatering burst of exquisite flavor. Toasted Marshmallow. Cream Soda. Café Latte. Until last Halloween that is, when I discovered that my high-priced sugar fix was being used to game the democratic system.
Let's call a truce in the culture war and declare the consumer the winner by demanding that companies lower their prices and let their customers handle philanthropic giving as we see fit.
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Candy itself is sometimes political too. OpenSecrets reports that one of the leading producers of candy corns, Jelly Belly
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The candy industry is rolling out new sweets packed with more than just sugar. Buzz-inducing candy, spiked with caffeine