John Burns

Negative responses seem to work in a cycle.
We need to work on both sides of the equation: get more money targeted specifically at women entrepreneurs and increase the number women VC's in charge of that money.
It rah-ther annoys me. I feel sort of betrayed by a news organization that I much admire and depend on almost nightly for a review and thoughtful discussion of meaningful events and issues.
Will Gaddafi's rule be replaced by democracy, by Islamic theocracy or by tribal rivalry? Can Libya remain a united country?
What Burns did to Julian Assange is most certainly not a "standard journalistic endeavor" for The New York Times. If anyone
The HAMP program has done little more than give mortgage servicers an incentive and in some people' s eyes the encouragement by Treasury to suck what little money homeowners have left before throwing them out of their homes.
Absent that, Treasury shouldn't have done anything, he said. Rather, the market should have been allowed to run its natural
2008-04-10-charlie0410.jpgBurns and Filkins discuss the key moments that have shaped their perspectives on the situation today in Iraq.
There is a consistent effort by the New York Times to shift legitimate opinion toward acceptance of a large and permanent American force in the Middle East.