John Dean

“Everybody knows” what they are, said the former Watergate figure.
The former Watergate figure spelled out the significance of the Georgia case with a comparison to the scandal that toppled President Richard Nixon.
They’d be a “powerful” and “remarkable star witness,” said the key figure in the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon.
Dean also highlighted a huge difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.
Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel said “all the signs point” to one thing in the probe into the ex-president.
Richard Nixon's former White House counsel praised E. Jean Carroll's request for more damages from Trump as "brilliant."
The House panel leading the probe is "taking such a historic look at the presidency at such an important time," said Nixon's former counsel.
Richard Nixon's White House counsel said Trump provoked the FBI search and media personalities who defend him will have "egg all over their face."
The Watergate "master manipulator" said the former president is in trouble after the latest revelations.