John Dean

Richard Nixon's White House counsel said Trump provoked the FBI search and media personalities who defend him will have "egg all over their face."
The Watergate "master manipulator" said the former president is in trouble after the latest revelations.
“If the Justice Department isn’t tracking this stuff, I don’t know what our Justice Department is for,” Dean told CNN's Jim Acosta.
The Watergate figure interpreted Attorney General Merrick Garland's latest comments as a warning to the ex-president and his allies.
"Indications are that Trump is much more involved in this whole thing than we think he was,” said Dean, who knows all about problematic presidents.
The key Watergate figure says there's a reason why he hopes there's no motion to dismiss the lawsuit.
“It is beyond Nixon," the former White House counsel said of the Trump Justice Department collecting private information about members of Congress.
The Watergate figure reveals a key sign the former president's in deep.
“It’s of that vernacular,” said Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel. “It’s not legally sophisticated. It obviously plays to the base.”
CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also predicted a separate article of impeachment being added against Trump.