Kayleigh McEnany

Trump's former White House press secretary called it a "huge political miscalculation."
"It was joyful," the Fox News host told the 2024 GOP contender about her visits to Florida from the White House in 2020.
The Florida governor and Trump rival in the GOP presidential race seemed to make a reference to a supposed strange habit.
Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump’s former press secretary, is still getting the attention of her former boss and she’s fawning over him every chance she gets.
CNN's S.E. Cupp explained why right-wing backlash to the former president's attack on Kayleigh McEnany may be significant.
The Fox News host fawned over her former boss with some milquetoast commentary.
New Hampshire Republican James Spillane, who had endorsed Trump in the 2024 election, explained why he's switching to Ron DeSantis.
The "Fox & Friends" host had strong words for the former president after Trump dissed his press secretary.
The former president turned on his onetime press secretary.
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