Kent Conrad

Two Democrats who voted against the war authorization discuss it on this week's "Candidate Confessional."
Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who served as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence during the run-up
“The analogy I'd draw is the following: You go to a doctor, who diagnoses an ailment and prescribes drugs and surgery,” Landay
The lawmakers who were interviewed also feared independent spending was increasing partisan polarization and reducing time
Conrad adopted the dog in 2009 from a rescue shelter when he was about 10, according to the AP. Barney Bush, the dog of the
Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the chairman of the Republican policy committee, told Fox's Chris Wallace that he expects the
Maybe we've misunderstood the definition of irony, but isn't it strange that Gohmert, perhaps the nuttiest representative any state has ever had, is the only Congressperson who thinks we have an urgent need to hold on to the word lunatic? Why?
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) agreed with Durbin that Social Security should be off the table, noting that it has not contributed
"She went beyond that," Chambliss argued. "She even mentioned that under the leadership of Barack Obama, we had decimated
We are not delusional or naive enough to expect that getting to maybe will be an easy task. We recognize that over the past few years, compromise in Congress has become an oxymoron and bipartisanship a dirty word.
The Democratic nominee for North Dakota's open U.S. Senate seat is touting her record of standing up to former President
Two previous polls released by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington also had Heitkamp with a lead in
President Obama and many Democrats spent much of 2011 talking about deficits instead of doing something about jobs. Now, a too-close election is on the horizon and we're being forced back to talking about deficits instead of jobs.
WASHINGTON -- Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said on Sunday that he urged President Obama not
White House adviser David Axelrod criticized Republicans Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" for opposing the extension. Republicans
In September the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a bipartisan deficit-hawk group based at the New America
On Monday, President Barack Obama said that he hoped the committee would be able to find common ground and take a collaborative
"There can be no short-term agreement, and I'm optimistic that there will be no short-term arrangement," he said. Conrad