Legal Issues

An HBO docu-series about the convicted murderer, "The Case Against Adnan Syed," is set to start on Sunday.
The judge will likely face tough questioning in the Senate to get that seat on the Supreme Court.
The state attorney general has five days to file an emergency appeal challenging the ruling.
Meet the winking new spokesperson for a lawyer search website.
The State Department is relying on an outdated policy that is at odds with federal court precedents.
He later admitted that "it was a poor choice of words."
Raphael A. Sanchez allegedly targeted seven people whose cases were being processed by the agency.
There is a persistent myth that just won’t go away: that sometimes it’s better to make less money than more money. For example
The announcement from the secretary of state comes after two White House employees resigned amid to domestic abuse allegations.
A $500 million sale of the movie company was reportedly pulled on Sunday.
When neighborhoods change, it doesn’t just affect long-term residents’ housing options. It might be making them sick.
In the fight against other forms of revenge porn, legislation has been slow, but strides have been made.
After talking to New Jersey’s compensation office, Edmonds received a blank application and started to fill it out. The application
The suit, which includes The Weinstein Company, targets a culture of misconduct "shrouded in secrecy."
The extra help unemployed people got during the Great Recession has emboldened states to mistreat them.
Women are doing the heavy lifting, but the men in power have to keep the momentum going.
The strategy of pairing Dreamer protections to government funding didn't work. So what's next?
“My wife and my baby just drank someone’s blood. It was bad.”
It doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose otherwise.