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Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman Having lived most of their lives with their eccentric and magically gifted aunts, orphaned
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If Syfy's Magicians series goes the way of other television adaptations of complex novels, then it will dumbed-down to a battle with an external evil and a hackneyed warning against meddling with powers one does not understand.
Elizabeth Gilbert and Lev Grossman were voracious readers as kids.
Brief Interviews is a series in which writers discuss language, literature, and a handful of Proustian personality questions
You aren't born a writer, you become a writer. Some families have multiple doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, etc. But how many families have multiple, successful writers?
If you don't like Windows 8 because it is "too innovative" or if you don't like Windows Mobile because "it looks weird," at least you'll have to admit that Microsoft has proven itself capable of breakthrough innovation, of not simply copying the others.
A few years ago I met a monkey who seemed like it could be trained to kill a guy like Mildew. So the monkey and I went through
"Almost the definition of a mensch, a good person, is that in their heart of hearts they're rather hard on themselves. And yet, you can't get out of bed in the morning if you don't love yourself. I'm merciless towards myself, so being merciless towards my characters comes naturally."
As a result, a good cocktail is hard to find, at least in books. Whatever the charms of Eliot's "The Cocktail Party," or the cocktail party in "Mrs. Dalloway," no one ever remembers what was drunk there.
The Harry Potter franchise has its last hurrah on Friday, and fans like me are facing a forcible graduation from the protection
I'll be absent from these pages for the next four weeks while I hole up in a cabin far from both the Internet and reliable
Now that summer's in full swing, it's the perfect time to hit the beach and crack the binding on a brand new book. We asked
Franzen's Freedom lays forth an extremely convincing portrait of an American family in these fragmented socio-political times.
I previously discussed Newsweek's coverage of Columbine's ten-year anniversary. But they were not the only ones who wrote as if they were unaware of the twists and turns in the Columbine story.
Reading in public says something about a book--that the reader likes it enough to carry it on a subway, an airplane, to a
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