lgbt couples

Whether you've been together for years or decades, as newlyweds your 2015 taxes may be the first time as an LGBT married couple you'll be filing jointly on your federal return.
"If you couldn’t identify to their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed."
No matter what, the numbers don't lie, legal recognition of our relationships is paramount to having a healthy financial life now and a truly secure and happy retirement later.
Whether you've been together for years or decades (or 10 minutes), 2015 taxes will be the first time many LGBT couples will be filing jointly on their federal and state returns because -- cue the trumpets -- we're married now.
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Despite all of the recent progress on gay marriage, we are still living in a country that is deeply, deeply ignorant. The fact we have to live in a system where our skill as parents is even a question should tell all of us how far we are from equality.
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