living with pets

One woman describes how a domesticated rat named Martin helped her overcome overwhelming sadness.
Just another reason to keep your rabbits in the house.
It’s a fuller life when we have other people in it. It’s a healthier and longer one, too. Have you ever noticed how much
The high costs of medical care, the need for more exercise, and hoping to travel more; sound familiar?
If you are a cat person, it's only natural to want to give your feline friend the best. It's important to keep indoor cats healthy, happy and entertained. Maybe you can add a window perch, cat tree, water fountain or other special feature.
Nothing feels better than a crisp breeze running through your fur.
  You're a dog person, doggone it. You do everything in your power to ensure your dog's life is the best life. And while
Pets can be expensive. And so can moving. Pets + moving? Well, did the math in it's 2014 Pet-Friendly Renting
Finding a place to rent which allows pets remains a challenge, but a new tech age tool may be the answer.