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We don't feel included in the city's development.
Netflix is already a major player in "TV shows" but if it can change the way film is distributed in the same way then we could see a revolution on par with the introduction of sound and color to movies. This time, though, you'll be able to witness the revolution from your living room couch.
There's nothing like being with people who knew you when. The six girls got to the heart of what was in their hearts.
I took time this summer to attend the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) again so that I could have an opportunity to seek out something new, something fresh. I was on a mission to look for fresh faces in the industry.
Magic City star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still reeling from news of his show's cancellation. After all, word of the drama's
Although the show boasted a high-profile guest turn by James Caan in Season 2 and earned Danny Huston a Golden Globe nomination
It sounds as if Ike's leaving Miami for a bit and heading to Havana. Can you preview how the new setting and the casinos
Full Segment: Actors Kelly Lynch & Danny Huston join us in studio to discuss the upcoming second season of "Magic City," the Starz show set in the sizzling, glamour-filled Miami of the late 1950s.
Dominik, 29, followed in the footsteps of her famous father and currently stars in the Starz series "Magic City." She made
And what role will the Maybach Music mogul be playing? None other than--you guessed it--a godfather, a Don, or simply, a