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Today, there's more equality in the workplace. There are way more women in upper management than ever before. Females now fight in the military and lead companies. But let's face it: women still have a long way to go if they're to be treated equally by men in the office.
Yahoo!'s new female CEO Marissa Mayer spoke out for the first time about juggling the demands of tending to Yahoo! and a baby. But she made it all sound easy -- should she have?
As the debate about what's possible for working women continues, I have news about what this means for the increasing solidarity among men and women as they strive to create new models for working families.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gave birth to a baby boy on September 30. Shortly after Mayer's pregnancy was announced, TechCrunch
At the end of the day, it's up to Marissa Mayer and the board of Yahoo to decide if she can do the job -- not the media and Wall Street nay-sayers.
Maternity leave isn't a luxury (or it shouldn't be). It isn't a vacation during which women eat bonbons, watch TV and hit the spa. It isn't restful, peaceful or relaxing. It's a necessary time to reorient, heal, figure things out and learn how to keep this little person you just gave birth to alive.
Marissa Mayer, the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo!, revealed in a Fortune interview Monday night that she is pregnant with