Matt Bomer

The "Magic Mike" star plays a gay weatherman who finds solace in a Mexican migrant worker after a devastating breakup.
The "Magic Mike" star says he enjoys playing a queer character who isn't defined by his sexuality.
Seeing the out "White Collar" star as the Man of Steel would "be really incredible," Haynes wrote.
"All of our gay dreams are coming true!" tweeted the team behind the NBC revival.
He also opened up about his new role in "The Boys in the Band" on Broadway.
People have expressed outrage that a cisgender actor was cast to play a trans character. Again.
Dear Mark, Tim, and Matt, Your new movie, Anything, purports to tell the story of a trans woman. However, in doing this, you
Okay. So The Nice Guys is a Russell Crowe / Ryan Gosling film bromance, a hilarious romp, featuring car chases galore, broken
Filmed on location in Paradise Valley, Livingston and Bozeman, Walking Out earns the "Made-in-Montana" label. Indeed, Andrew and Alex Smith revere their art as the act of sharing a point of view of both visual and emotional truth.
"I trust him implicitly and I would follow him wherever he wanted me to go." The AHS: Hotel star told Collider. SARAH PAULSON
The creators behind American Horror Story: Hotel should go back and do their homework. Scratch that: They should be given an F and expelled from Scary School.
Here we have collected the best predictions on who will replace Mr. Craig as the new 007.