Me Too

It allegedly happened on Jan. 6, 2021, backstage during then-President Donald Trump's speech to his followers.
Comedian Katherine Ryan allegedly confronted Brand during the filming of Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle,” but her remarks were edited out.
A prosecutor says it's more than a coincidence that three of Kevin Spacey’s four accusers described similar crotch-grabbing incidents.
Kevin Spacey said on the witness stand Thursday in London that he was crushed when an intimate friend accused him of sexual assault .
Romijn said she didn’t “want to throw anyone under the bus... Except for Brett Ratner” and delved into the sexual assault allegations against Bryan Singer.
Spacey is on trial in the UK and has pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges involving the alleged sexual assaults of four men.
The former "House of Cards" actor has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges brought by prosecutors in the U.K.
"I began to hate myself for not reacting accordingly ... I felt as if I had become a very bad person."
A film for Palmer's new album chronicles the “countless” instances of sexual misconduct she’s faced as a woman in entertainment.
Lawrence talked about the stigma around men dealing with sexual harassment on his "Brotherly Love Podcast."