minority teachers

A new study suggests that students generally felt more supported and motivated by teachers of color.
"Instilling black pride is not a threat. It is a necessity."
As a society in general, and educators in particular, we need to delve deeper into the reported reason teachers of color leave which include paltry working conditions in already persistently dangerous, under performing, under funded urban public schools.
"Teachers of color can serve as role models for students of color," says a 2014 report from the Center for American Progress
There needs to be more of a balance with respect to the racial composition of teachers in urban schools -- we cannot just hire black teachers for history and Latino teachers to teach Spanish. We need teachers of color in the mathematics, science and English content areas as well.
According to the Census Bureau, PreK-12 teachers represent the largest occupational group in the nation, and the profession
Using data from the 2008 Schools and Staffing Survey, the most recent data available, researchers found that more than 20
In an interview with CNN's Steve Perry, Duncan addressed the lack of minority and male teachers and the government's efforts