Democrats have made curbing monopoly power a plank of their new “Better Deal” platform. Will that stand in the way of confirming Makan Delrahim?
The party is putting antitrust reform at the core of its new agenda, "A Better Deal."
Cable rules are changing after months of pressure from liberal senators.
Criticize Big Tech all you want. These companies certainly aren't above reproach. It just helps if you don't let your ideology overlook important little things like facts.
"As the telecommunications industry becomes increasingly concentrated, this lack of choice has resulted in huge price increases
In this interview, he explores the work of Thomas Piketty and the need for the field of economics -- and the country -- to come to terms with the growing gulf between haves and have-nots.
So... So I went to T-Mobile, my phone carrier, in the homogenous Glendale Galleria mall, and I asked for the same iPhone
Take Apple. They were the first to build a smartphone that just worked. That is not creating artificial scarcity by controlling
After intense wrangling and years of collusion with its powerful business interests, Mexico's government finally mustered the political will to take meaningful steps towards adopting modern anti-monopoly practices.
Remember your childhood fables? A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. These monopoly utilities disguising themselves as solar advocates are still just monopolies looking out for their bottom lines.
While economic disparities plague all of the nations across the planet, nowhere are these disparities more extreme than in the United States, and so I ask, when is enough enough?
Conventional economics wittingly or unwittingly provides cover for the One Percent, by professing that "the market" operates benevolently on its own. Alex Marshall gives us an entertaining, thoughtful, and well-written antidote to this dangerous abstraction.
What seems to have happened is that American corporate executives are now more focused on financial engineering, which is essentially the extraction of capital from their enterprises and from the public, than they are at selling improved goods and services.
Did the independent media help produce the Arab Spring or did the revolutions succeed in liberating local media in the Arab world?
It was a glittering dream: A vast worldwide digital library, tens of millions of books all in one easily accessible place
Google's proposed acquisition of ITA and potential dominance in the online travel market raises substantial questions I would ask as a former antitrust regulator.
Americans suffer from the greed of many different monopolies: Greed may be creative in a competitive context but it has opposite