My Brother's Keeper

The "Black Panther" star's production company, Outlier Society, is working to provide opportunities in the entertainment industry for underrepresented youths.
On a stage full of men, the former president led with a joke that paid tribute to Michelle Obama.
The former president and NBA star Steph Curry spoke about the need for young men of color to create spaces “to talk about vulnerabilities” at a California event.
The more progress MBK Albuquerque makes, the more youth can be put on a path towards success—a victory for us all.
The lives of millions of boys and young men of color are at stake. As is the future of our nation.
"This is something that I will be invested in for the rest of my life,” the President said Wednesday.
The first couple discuss their legacy in the magazine's October issue.
"Even if he wasn’t president, if his ass worked at, like, Red Lobster, he'd be just a good man working at Red Lobster.”
"If we believe in their futures, they will believe in them, too," President Obama said.